How To Buy OATs

As with any title or security, orders can be placed through financial intermediaries or online brokers. The following is a list of the French Treasury Department's partner brokers who specialize in the trading of OATs:


• Banque d’Escompte & Wormser Frères 
• Barclays
• BNP Paribas
• Bourse Direct
• Boursorama 
• Groupe Caisses d’épargne
• CIC 
• CPR Online
• Crédit Agricole 
• Crédit Mutuel
• Fortuneo - Direct Finance
• Groupe Banque Populaire
• HSBC France
• La Banque Postale
• LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais
• Société Générale

Note: Custodial fees and transaction fees may apply to the sale of OATs before their maturity date, according to the specific conditions of the financial intermediary. There is no management fee levied on OATs.

Also, if one customer has multiple tranches corresponding to the same stock, the broker will not charge any custody rights for a single tranche unless otherwise specified by the provider. - Markets Paris - Markets Paris

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