Perguntas frequentes

How do I place orders through the Internet?
To place market orders on the Internet, you must first locate an intermediary authorized to provide this type of service. These services usually enable you to follow the market in real time, get advice, or place orders. Orders are routed via the Internet to intermediaries, who check margins then transmit them automatically to the market.

These services are provided for a fee. Prices vary depending on services provided. Some intermediaries' financial information services have a fixed subscription fee and may or may not charge additionally by the minute. There is often no subscription charge for Internet ordering and brokerage fees are generally less than those charged by brokers using traditional methods.

Can I operate directly on the market without going through a broker?
No. In order to trade on the market you must have an account with a certified broker that routes orders by Internet. Placing orders by Internet can only be done through a broker.

Does having an electronic account help me get the lowest brokerage fees?
Placing orders via the Internet is usually the most economical way to place orders on the market. Comparing the prices of different intermediaries will enable you to decide who offers the best rates.

Can you suggest a broker to handle my account on the market?
Since NYSE Euronext coordinates NYSE Euronext operations, it cannot favor any brokerage house by recommending it over another.

However you can look also at the “NYSE Euronext members list”. The intermediaries are searchable by market (Cash or Derivatives; Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Paris), or alphabetically. Each member is listed with an address and regulatory status. This information is kept current by the NYSE Euronext Business Members relations Department.

I invested in the market recently and I'd like your views on upcoming market trends.
While NYSE Euronext plays a central role in organizing and operating the stock market, it can give no opinion on any security traded. This area is the specialty and the role of brokerage firms.

Are there Internet sites that provide real time share prices free of charge?
Real time share price services on the internet are not free, mainly because there are costs involved in gathering this sort of information. To get real time prices you need to subscribe to a service.

NYSE Euronext publishes prices for free (with 15 minutes delay) on all the instruments traded on its Cash markets: Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon & Paris and on the Euronext.Liffe’s derivative markets. Each instrument has its own information sheet, containing essential facts including market data (prices & characteristics), company profile data, press releases and announcements calendar (sent to NYSE Euronext), NYSE Euronext Trading Announcements, official notices, price charts, historical data, and educational documents for some specific instruments.

These information sheets can be found on the home page at the top left using the Product lookup engine.

Can I follow market developments on-line free of charge?
You can follow the market free of charge by going to the Product lookup engine.

There you will find all company fact sheets containing essential facts including market data (prices and characteristics), company profile data, press releases and announcements calendar, NYSE Euronext Trading Announcements, official notices, price charts and historical data.

Trackers can be searched by their name, ISIN code, mnemo, or by different criteria: “Exposure,” “Underlying type,” “Tracker family,” “Index family,” or  “Sector."

Bonds benefit from very advanced search criteria: “Bond type” (State bonds, Bonds public/semi public, corporate bonds, convertible bonds, etc.), issuer, trading type (continuous, call auction), Coupon type (fixed rate, floating rate).

Under “Tools & Services > Statistics center," you will find the official levels for the NYSE Euronext indices, and the volumes for the different compartment of the markets, on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, by product family and by local segments.

I'd like to access and recreate price graphs for my favorite stocks on my computer. How do I do this?
By using the Product lookup engine you are able to obtain all the historical data for free on all the instruments and indices traded on Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, and Paris. This service allows you to access all details of the entire range of NYSE Euronext listed securities, including opening prices, highs and lows and the last price quoted for each session, with a maximum of one-year history for each query.

How do I find out about key corporate meetings of the largest listed companies?

NYSE Euronext publishes the calendar of listed company announcements, containing key dates for every security listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. This information can be found using the Product lookup engine and includes end of the fiscal year, preliminary annual operating profits, annual operating profits, half-year earnings, quarterly sales figures, shareholder meetings, dividend payments and other information oriented meetings, in each case as communicated to NYSE Euronext .

I don't understand certain market terms. Is there a glossary available for me to consult?
NYSE Euronext has created a glossary containing common market terms to assist you in better understanding financial and economic subjects. The glossary is available here. - Markets Paris - Markets Paris

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